Well Repair & Rehabilitation


Nor-Cal’s commitment to our customer service does not end when drilling and construction are complete. Our water supply customers have a very large investment in their wells and pumping facilities, which have a long term life expectancy.¬†Well repair and rehabilitation¬†services play a vital role in helping our customers maximize the life of their wells and pumps, reduce maintenance and repair, maximize efficiency, and minimize energy costs:

  • Damaged Casing
  • Casing Relining
  • Sanitary Seal Installations
  • Mechanical Development- Using Cable Tools, Swabbing, Airlifting, Hydro-Jetting, and Test Pumping
  • Chemical Development
  • Airburst
  • Sonar Jetting
  • Abrasive Brushing
  • Test Pump Development
  • Down-hole Surveys
  • Well Abandonment
  • Destruction-Service

We are committed to providing our customers with quality products and services. To support this commitment, Nor-Cal owns and maintains a fleet of well serviced rigs dedicated to well repair and rehabilitation.

Nor-Cal’s commitment to customer service, experienced personnel, modern equipment, and in-house capabilities provides a level of excellence that our customers can rely on for their water needs.

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